I started at the Boston Herald as an editorial assistant on the news desk.  I’d recently moved to Boston and wanted both a break from teaching and an opportunity to have a career as a writer, my other dream profession.  A kind editor gave me a chance, something no other publication was willing to do.  I found the hectic life of a news reporter too tense for me (I remember so clearly being screamed at by an editor at deadline.  Eek.), and when the chance arose I moved over to the features department.  From there I moved to the editorial page.  At every step I learned a tremendous amount about writing and about receiving criticism on said work.   I worked with some great writers and editors (one of whom introduced me to my husband).  It was a fantastic period in my life.

These are some articles I wrote during my time at the Herald.   I returned to teaching in the fall of 1998, got married in 2000, had a baby in 2002, then gave birth to three more kids in the four years that followed.  I tried to keep up the life as a teacher/freelancer, but Motherhood called.  Now that we are nearly a diaper-free household, I look forward to getting back into freelancing and adding more clips to these.


7.14.97       Fathers grow up


7.28.97      Licensed to design


9.14.97       Young commuters


11.24.97     Drawing the line


5.5.98        Sound practice


5.12.98      Learning to live with loss


6.1.98        Truth in advertising


6.8.98        Scout’s honor


7.27.98      Good-humored ice-cream man


7.29.98      Grief relief


8.9.98        Language play


8.10.98      A sound business


8.24.98      Friendships that work


11.16.98    Breaking up is hard to do


11.30.98    The five temptations

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