School Visits

I love the classroom.  Nearly ten years of my life were been devoted to creating and maintaining an environment that both nurtures and challenges a creative spirit, and though I’m not a regular classroom teacher these days, as a tutor I continue to help students find their inner excellence.  To this end, I am available for:

Book Talks — 30-45 minute presentations that use picture books as a springboard for discussion and activities relating to the basics of story (character, conflict, plot, etc.).  Small groups are preferred, but I will eagerly accommodate up to 40 students.

Revision, For Real — 45 -60 minute sessions. Writing a first draft is hard, but the real work comes during revision. I’ll give students examples of my own process, as well as techniques and tips from other authors, and help students embrace, rather than fear, the best part of writing — making your work as awesome as it can be.

Personal Essays — 60 minute sessions.  Students are taught how to use their life experiences to express ideas and opinions.  Standardized testing models are considered in assignments.

Poetry — 60 minute sessions.  Students are give 3-5 modes of poetic expression to explore.

* All workshops are tailored to the needs of the students and their teachers, as well as audience size.  Discussion and participation are essential parts of each visit.  Pre-visit materials can also be requested for an additional fee.

Please contact me for further information, including schedule and fees.

2 thoughts on “School Visits

    • Hi Joy,

      Thanks for the shout out! Your review was great. I hope you don’t mind me passing it along to Kurtis — I know he appreciates the kind words said about his writing! I hope you’ll come back and visit soon…I’ll do the same for yours!


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