Op-Eds & Essays

Here are some of my opinion essays published in The Boston Herald both during and after my time on staff there, most published before my return to teaching, and before I married (hence, my maiden name on the bylines.)  You might have to scroll a little on some to get to my piece as these are PDFs of the newspapers in which they originally appeared.

3.13.10    Luster in the eye of the beholder

10.28.98  There’s a time in every life when you realize “I grew up”

9.19.98     Pieces falling back in place as teacher returns to school

7.18.98    “Real” letters become a special gift

4.18.98    Grandpa at 80:  The gifts were all his

3.22.98    No Middle Road on Schools: Plan would force children to make choices too soon

9.2.97       Back-to-school feeling never fades

2.2.97      Obituaries only skim the surface of what makes one an individual

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