Miles for Mitzi

My sister Michelle is an incredible human being on many levels, but one of her most outstanding traits is her unwavering commitment to helping others. When Mitzi was diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes in June, 2010, Michelle was first to support all of us, both in spirit and in more practical ways. Mitzi, as Michelle’s first (but not only!) goddaughter, has a special relationship with her cherished aunt — there are private conversations, and shared interests (most notably, horseback riding), and many more connections that will only grow stronger as Mitzi ages.

Last summer, Michelle dedicated herself to a personal fundraising program she called Miles for Mitzi. Her goal was to hike and bike 1,000 miles, and raise $1,000 dollars minimum to donate to the JDRF.  And she’s still going strong. Miles for Mitzi is no longer a seasonal challenge, but a personal quest for Michelle, who, as always, in inspired daily to do what she can to help someone she loves deeply.

Please visit her website for more information about her adventures and the ways you can support her. Because it’s not only for Mitzi, but also for the thousands of children like Mitzi who live, each minute of each day, with this life-threatening disease.

Thank you!

One thought on “Miles for Mitzi

  1. Good for Michelle and for Mitzi. I feel your concerns because my Molly is Type I also. All I know is after two years, it gets easier. Bless you, bless Mitzi and bless JDRF! I still think there is a way to regenerate the cells.

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