To Kegel, or not to Kegel?

I was totally going to start this post with some kind of reflection or explanation for my lack of blogging these past two months — something funny and clever about my failure to keep a non-resolution resolution just a few days after the new year.

YawnThen I was like, *yawn.* People reading this are mostly parents too, who know all about work and bills and kids and illnesses and clutter and injuries and errands and conferences and all the blahbidy blahs that come with life. I don’t have to write about that today.

Nope, today I’m going to blog about the one thing that concerns Moms everywhere — incontinence.

I mean, we’re still in the cough and cold season. Which makes for a lot of knee crossing.

I gave birth to four good-sized babies in five years. And, with all due respect to Dr. Kegel, that’s a whole lot of stretching out. Given that I’m not made of elastic, well, let’s just say it’s not all snapped back yet.

This is all on my mind today because, in the middle of de-cluttering my computer files, I came across this bit of writing from the end of January, when I was still in the throes of an awful, lingering, hacking-up-my-lungs cold:

Note to Dr. Kegel:

Your “exercises” are a BIG FREAKIN SCAM.

You go ahead and push out multiple kids from your girl parts and see how well those parts rebound even after YEARS of doing all those squeezes (and yes, I mean doing those exercises watermelonwith all the peace and serenity and focus and commitment of the good and powerful mom who did that birthing and the pushing with complete joy and purpose and without any medication at all, which is to say all the joyous and blessed pain that comes with squeezing a watermelon out of your vagina).

Dr. Kegel, after all that pushing and tearing and widening and re-sizing, YOU sneeze without crossing your legs and see what happens. YOU get bronchitis and then you’ll know what constant coughing and mucous-expelling and re-applying sanitary napkins have in common.

YOU get yourself a female pelvic floor, and then we’ll talk.


Mothers everywhere

So, what say you, ladies? To Kegel, or not to Kegel?

13 thoughts on “To Kegel, or not to Kegel?

  1. This is constantly on my mind! Even as I sit on the couch with my legs entwined, fearing that a cough, sneeze, and sometimes a laugh will cause me to pee. I’m constantly going in the bathroom, not necessarily because I need to pee, but trying desperately to make sure my bladder is completely and utterly empty! Of course, is it ever? I don’t think so. Dilemma—drink too much, have a possible accident, not enough, migraine. At least with a Migraine I can’t treat it with drugs that make me love everybody!
    Don’t even get me talking about hemorrhoids!!

  2. I just birthed my first baby in january and she was BIG. I’m talking almost 10 lbs and 54 cm … I never did kegels, I always forgot to do them. And I have no issues with leaking. Maybe it is too early to say, with only having birthed one baby. But I’m sure I will forget about the kegel next time around.

  3. I did kegels while I was enjoying reading your blog and thinking about all the pain and suffeing we have to endure to do so. Thanks for the reminder and the children make it all worth our while. Happy kegeling πŸ™‚

  4. jen , when I said I missed your posts i wasn’t kidding. but this is not what i was hopeing to read. maybe you could post somethingfunny about raising children.

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