Happy Birthday to my oldest baby!

It’s about 10 degrees outside, the perfect day to hunker down under a blanket with a cup of tea and a good book. But I am not doing that. Because it’s a big day around here. (drum roll, please…)

birthday banner

Happy 11th Birthday, Mitzi!!!!

So, today, in between the work I’m doing, I’ve been baking a cake, wrapping presents, and crafting a special card for the birthday girl to let her know what her biggest gift of all will be (a bedroom makeover!).

It’s been a fast 11 years, and so much has happened. She’s survived hospital stays and chest surgery and a diabetes diagnosis. She’s grown enormously — both in size (she’s almost 5′ 3″) and in creativity and intelligence. And even though she’s entering that gnarly pre-teen years and can be downright moody and edgy sometimes, mostly she’s just my baby. Even her little-girl curls are coming back, though now her hair is more brown than blonde.


So, back to it. Lots to do to prep for the afternoon celebration. I have a purse cake to make, gourmet chicken fingers to wrangle, and nineteen other things to do. All the while I’ll probably be reflecting on her baby time, the little girl time, maybe even squeeze in a few minutes to peruse a few old photos. It’s entirely possible that I’ll find time to shower.

It’s a cold day outside, but inside — well, the party is just getting started!




8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my oldest baby!

  1. happy birthday mitzi! oh my, how these years have flown by….remembering so much today, especially those first days when you and i slept on the pull out couch (i’m sure you don’t remember!) all those visits back and forth…..the precious time when you and your parents and brother lived here with me and pop….you are so special, beautiful girl! have an awesome birthday! i LOVE you lots! muggy xo

    • Mitzi loves you too Muggy! We talked at dinner all about those two weeks. Remember when the fire trucks came because of the oil in the apartment building? Good times….

    • Thanks, grannyK! She’s been eager to change from the little-girl to big-girl decor, so it seemed like the right time. It’ll be fun to see what she wants….

  2. Great idea–Bedroom makeover.–can you come to Norwalk and do ours?

    Yes, from babies, to toddlers, to little girls and to mid sized girls and then to teenage girls. Fun times each step of the way. Good times and bad. We love them more each day. And those mid night cuddle times are some of the best times to warm me up on cold winter nights.

    • But your room is so fancy now — just like the rest of the house! And, let’s not talk about the teenage years, not just yet, thanks….

  3. Yay Mitzi and mom! When Maeve turned 11 a year & a half ago, I thought for sure she had jumped right to 13 — attitude, mood swings, and all the oher joys of teenage girls happened, literally, overnight. Fortunately that has all subsided and she’s back to her silly, happy-go-lucky, drama-avoiding self. (Thank the good Lord for that!!!)
    Wishing you both smooth sailing,

    • Barb, I needed that. She’s been going through that for about the last year, and I’m hoping it will end sooner rather than later. *crosses fingers*

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