Laundry tip for kids, #28

“I LOVE doing laundry!” said no child, ever.

My darlings,

I wash your clothes. I dry your clothes. I fold your clothes. I separate your clothes into neat little piles. I put those piles in your room for you to put away. All you have to do is pick up each pile and put it into the proper drawer. For example, the underwear goes in the underwear drawer. The shirts go in the shirts drawer. The pants go in the pants drawer. And so on.

Given the dexterity and cleverness with which I’ve seen you master any number of video games, I feel confident that the concept of putting away your laundry is within your realm of understanding.

Also, you’ll know where your clean clothes are tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., when you get ready for the first day of a new school week.

With love,



9 thoughts on “Laundry tip for kids, #28

    • Ha, so true! I tried labels, but they still confuse the drawers. Also, I’d hoped that they’d figure it out by the time they’re teens, but maybe not. Sigh.

    • Very wise, indeed! Mine are supposed to…but sometimes they have selective amnesia when it comes to this particular chore. Alas.

  1. Dear Mom:

    Thanks you for the washing, drying , folding and placement on my bed.

    But why don’t you put them in the right drawer too.

    Then I could find them every morning and you wouldn’t have to yell

    at me and help me find them anyway?

    The Kids

  2. Hugh, at 7 a.m. ironically: “Mom, I can’t wear these jeans — they’re dirty.”
    Mom: “Ok”
    Hugh: “Well, where are my other jeans?”
    Mom: “I don’t know Hugh — did you finish doing your laundry yesterday?”
    Hugh: “Ok, I’ll wear shorts.”

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