Summer vacation: Day One

Summer vacation, day two. I won’t count last Friday because I think we were all too hungover from the last day of school extravaganza to do anything. And, in the interest of hygiene, I spent the weekend cleaning the house. (Whew. Long overdue.) So I guess yesterday was our first official day of nothingness.

I got up early and did some work for my gig at the Parent Buzz blog on Then, also in the interest of getting done what is painful and you just want to get it out of the way, I dutifully headed over to my annual girl exam. Enough said. By the time I’d gotten home, Ray was camped out on the computer to do his work, so I took the kids to play tennis for a couple ofhours. We had a late lunch, Ray headed into the city for a few hours, Mitzi went to a friend’s house, and the other kids headed to the backyard to do whatever it is they do out there when I’m not glancing out the window.

And while I did re-mop the kitchen floor and vacuum the living room rug, that was the extent of my chores. (Some day I’ll get the hang of the domestic thing). Mitzi stayed at her friend’s for dinner, the other kids showered, I fed them. Ray went to a school committee meeting and I had some wine. There was a game of Sorry, some brownies, then bed.

The first day of summer vacation nothing gets an A+.

I can’t wait to see what today brings!



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