This is the summer of nothing….and everything

It’s the last day of school today!








I couldn’t be happier. The kids will get on the bus in 15 minutes and get off at a friend’s stop for a neighborhood pizza party. Then summer begins.

I’m so looking forward to slowing down, to not having to rush here and there and grab meals on the go. Not having to harangue the kids about homework and projects and practicing their instruments. To not having to get up by 5:30 a.m. just to try to shower before everyone else gets up.

Lots of other moms have asked me in the past couple of weeks about our summer plans. “Nothing,” I answer, trying not to smile.

This summer I want to play. I want to take the kids on hikes through our local parks and make day trips into Boston to walk the Freedom Trail or picnic in the Public Garden. I want to swim in pools and lakes and the ocean. I want to play every board game we own. Twice. I want to stay up late and catch fireflies and sleep late the next day. I want to build forts in the living room  with pillows and blankets, and cuddle with the kids under the fabric, peering out to watch a movie. I want to borrow and read 500 books from the library.

My kids will probably wish they were going to rec camp with their friends, and maybe they will, for a couple of weeks. Maybe. I haven’t signed anyone up for anything yet, so maybe there’s no space left. I sort of don’t care.

Life gets faster every day you are alive. Mitzi is going to fifth grade next year, and that will zip by, then she’ll be in middle school, then, in an eyeblink, heading off to college. Their childhood is pooling in front of me right now and I want to float in every second of it before it is gone, water through my cupped palm.

This is the slowdown summer, the take-it-easy summer, the get-to-know-each-other-again summer.

It starts in eight minutes, and I am counting every second down.

I can’t wait to get started doing nothing — and everything.

Tick, tick, tick…..


5 thoughts on “This is the summer of nothing….and everything

  1. Jen, what great ideas and a perfect plan for a family summer together. Don’t forget about a week @ Camp Muggy. The pool is now opened.

    • Ah, yes, our favorite summer getaway! But, I’m waiting until the pool heats up a little. I’m kinda wimpy that way….

  2. We’re splitting our summer in half: Part 1 = four weeks of day camp for Hugh and 2 week-long overnight camps for Maeve, and Part 2 = three weeks in Sweden doing mostly nothing. I believe in balance 😉

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