Lookie, lookie what I got in my mail yesterday:

I am so very excited!

Salina Yoon is a wonderful author with over 180 books published — and counting. If you are a parent, you probably have owned at least one of her super-creative board or novelty books. One of my kids’ favorite was FIVE SILLY TURKEYS — at least until yesterday. KALEIDOSCOPE is Ms. Yoon’s newest title, and it’s a stunner! Every page gorgeous in color, and the rhyming text is playful and a delight to read aloud. Of course, being a Salina Yoon book, it’s also amazingly interactive.

With the book standing as pictured here, kids (and their parents too) can look through the kaleidoscope and watch the colors swirl and twirl. Every one of my children took a turn with this book last night before bed, and though they’re well past the board book years, couldn’t get enough of it.

On most days, my mail carrier only brings me bills and junk, so I was thrilled to see this waiting for me, which I won over at the Blueboards, and am additionally thrilled that it’s signed by the author herself! (Yes, I’m a dork that way.)

And, to tantalize YOU further — surely you know a child who NEEDS this book? — here is the wonderful book trailer (with lovely music by talented James Kremsner):

 To learn more about Salina’s creative process and how she crafted this book, hop over to Tara Lazar’s blog to read the wonderful interview.

Then, go to a bookstore and get your very own copy. ‘Cause you can’t have mine.

5 thoughts on “Salina Yoon’s KALEIDOSCOPE!

  1. Awwwww…. Jen,…. LOVE YOU! ’nuff said. (And Jen’s readers,… I didn’t pay her to say those things! I would,… if she’d take my money. But you know,… she’s got crazy ideas about ethics and such.) THANK YOU!!

    • Well, I don’t accept money for my reviews, but I love when I win books! Also, thanks for the super cute snowman card. 🙂 Kind AND good for the environment!

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