Happy World Read Aloud Day!!

Yay, World Read Aloud Day is here! Before I share with you some video the kids made to celebrate this day, I wanted to direct you to this awesome post

by the amazing writer, KateMessner. In it, she reminds us of why, no matter how old a child is, reading aloud to him or her is one of the most powerful things you can do.

On my home front, in the interest of not adding one more thing to our already busy school mornings, I recorded the kids reading aloud last night (except for Ellie, because the memory card filled up before it was her turn, so she went this morning before school).

The kids all picked books they love, books they remembered from when they were much younger, the kinds of books they begged to hear over and over and over again.  And it was so fun to hear those words come out of their mouths, not mine, and I could almost picture them reading to their own future children.

Okay, without further ado: our read-alouds for World Read Aloud Day!

First, my dad’s annual contribution (with a little help from Max, my parents’ adorable dachsaund). I love my dad!

Here are the kids:


Will you be reading out loud today? Share your stories!

5 thoughts on “Happy World Read Aloud Day!!

  1. great job all!!!! i think it’s a wonderful tradition. i remember my parents reading to me many, many years ago. my favorite memory of my mother reading to me was when i was a freshman in high school. i was struggling reading shakespeare, the old english words hard to register in my brain. so, my mother’s solution? she would read aloud to me! and like a light bulb going off in my brain, it clicked on! i remember when my children were younger and we read aloud all the time, but most especially we read after dinner each night. ah, so many stories, so little time. now i read to my grandchildren. and what comes around goes around. and not only did i just see 3 of them reading but on sunday morning anna read muggy and pop “the lorax”! what a wonderful gift it is when we share this! xo

    • I read the Lorax to the kids last night. They got mad at me when I got choked up at the end, as I always do. They think I’m weird. But they do like when I read!

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