A day of reading AND for a good cause!

A friend of mine drew my attention to this super wonderful international event:  World Read Aloud Day, sponsored by LitWorld, a global literacy organization based in New York City.  On March 9th, thousands of readers around the world will join forces to show support for the 774 million people who cannot read or write.

Imagine yourself as someone without words in your life.  Imagine never experiencing the power of language, the way a story can change your world and the way you see it.   Imagine not being able to harness that power and express yourself.  (Imagine not being able to read this very awesome blog!)

Everyone has a right to literacy.  If you agree, visit LitWorld’s website and commit to helping them achieve their goal of global reading on March 9th — 774 minutes, one for every person in the world who can’t read or write.  Donate, if you can, and help support their very admirable mission of bringing literacy to those who need it most.

A day of reading out loud, for a good cause?  You betcha.


4 thoughts on “A day of reading AND for a good cause!

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Just found your blog through the blueboards, and I’m really enjoying it! You’ve got some great links there. Thanks!


  2. wonderful post jen! can’t imagine not being able to read, this is one of my most enjoyable passions…..no jo in little women, no laura on the banks of plum creek, no inspector morse solving his cases along with his crosswords, no harry potter, no ebenezer scrooge getting a second chance at life, no beautiful psalms, the list goes on and on…..thanks so much for reminding us how lucky we are and how we should help in the battle to fight illiteracy…..xo

  3. Literacy is something I have always wanted to get involved in. I cannot imagine not being able to read!! Not only because it makes me so happy but I can’t imagine not being able to navigate life without reading.

  4. Thank you so much for spreading the word, Jennifer! Please do let us know if you’ve already registered! 🙂 We hope you will join us in totaling your read aloud minutes on our website on March 9th as we aim to raise a collective 774 million minutes read throughout the world!

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