A sort of goodbye, for now, to my little sister who lives too far away….

I know I said I was going to blog my tush off for banned books week.  And I didn’t.  Gah.  That’s what happens around here, plans are made, lists are crafted, ideas are simmering — and then the darned kids get in the way.  Life happens.

The good news is that the stuff that kept me away wasn’t bad stuff.  Just stuff.  I also had a fantastic week with my sister visiting from Colorado.  Apparently, she is going to be living there for the near future, despite my constant reminders that New England also has snowboarding in the winter and amazing hiking/biking during the other seasons.  Since she’s from here originally, she already knows this, but I still tell her.  Because having my sister — my best friend — living thousands of miles away really stinks.

We’ve always been together, whether because my parents made us or because we actually chose to, from the shared bedroom (almost through college) to the shared apartments (Beacon Hill, Southie) to the shared house (when we all crashed at Mom and Dad’s for a year).  Then Ray and I moved back to Massachusetts, and she stayed tackle corporate America.

That separation wasn’t bad — three hours in a car isn’t much, and we visited a lot.  Then, of all things, she decides to head west, to follow a dream and seek what might be found in another part of the country.  Darn her.   What she eventually found was love, permanence, a new sense of self, and a different sort of road to happiness.

I’ll say it again — darn her.

It’s funny when you know someone your whole life, then don’t see them for a year, and when you do, it’s the same all over again, but better.  The way she shines.  The confidence.  The joy, even when life’s a struggle.  And I know where she lives right now is, for her, good and right (and that guy of hers better not do anything out of line, hear me?), but I am selfish.  I want her nearby.

The kids are saving dollars to buy plane tickets to visit their cherished aunt, and can find Telluride on a map.  I tell them that yes, maybe some day we will also go west.  Until then, heart strings are long and tough.

And there’s always email, cell phones, and the good old US post office.

It’s not enough, but it will have to do.


5 thoughts on “A sort of goodbye, for now, to my little sister who lives too far away….

  1. Thanks Jen for such loving thoughts. Everyone would like Michelle and J closer but they have a dream and are living it. Lucky them. Some people have dreams which are only real when they dream. Life has a way of taking over some dreams but then again it’s never to late to start a new journey. It takes courage and conviction and support and that first step out the door.

    Jonathon , you better stay within the boundaries of the USA. Muggy doesn’t fly and she needs her Michelle fix all the stime just like big sister Jen does.

    It’s good to know that the kids are saving for a trip to Telluride. Maybe Ray will rent a “camper” and drive us all there? Wouldn’t that be fun driving across counrty with the kids,Mom & Dad and Max.

    We will miss Michelle but she may be out of hugable range she is always in our hearts.

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