Laura Manivong’s blog post on banned books — MUST READ!!

In my last post, I mentioned the idea that books can be used as springboards for discussions with our kids.   Well, one author did just that — with her own book, and her own child.  Laura Manivong’s debut novel, ESCAPING THE TIGER, is based in part on her husband’s childhood escape from Communist Laos and his time in a refugee camp.   The harsh realities of life in the camp are woven eloquently throughout this story that kids everywhere should read.  Themes of censorship are a huge part of this story.  In a recent post on the blog Page Turners, Laura discusses a teachable moment with her 8-year-old daughter, who, when her mother told her that the book was a little mature for her, snuck a copy and read it anyway.   You MUST read this incredible post by this amazing mom and talented author!

I’ve been meaning to do another post on book recommendations which actually was going to include Laura’s book.  Still planning to do so, but in the meantime, check it out!  Not so incidentally, this book has a real place in middle school curricula — take a look at her teacher resources too, and pass them on to your local middle school!

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