Working, or wheel spinning?

So following financial despair discussion 983 last night, I have decided that I need to get a job.  One salary is just not cutting it for us anymore.

So I made some coffee and plunked myself at the dining room table with local paper and the Boston Globe, scouring the classifieds.

Sadly, I’m not qualified to do very much.  Oh, sure, I’ve got a master’s in teaching, but my certifications in CT and MA have lapsed over these 8 years I’ve been busy birthing and raising kids.  Private schools will not, as I sorely know, pay me enough to cover child care, let alone contribute to the weekly grocery bill.

Admin, perhaps? Alas, the last admin job I held was nearly a decade ago.  Sure I can type, file, answer phones, and all of that, but Excel is my mortal computer enemy.

I knew I should’ve gone to business school in my 20s instead of diddling around teaching and writing.

So I cast the newspapers aside and pulled out my latest edition of Writer’s Market.  Maybe hidden between its paper covers would be a chance for me to restart my freelancing career!

I stayed up quite late, taking notes, forming ideas, researching submission guidelines.  Interestingly, the markets that pay the most are the hardest to research.  I guess editors make it that way to keep the riff-raff away.  I hope that’s not me.

Today I got up before six, and quested on.  I did learn another tidbit in the process — I need more than 4 hours’ sleep each night at this stage in my life.  Alas.

But it was good for me.  I outlined to article ideas and did more research.  I might be able to start crafting queries soon.  (Another bump in my rocky road — technology.  My computer is kaput, and my printer is out of ink.  I have no money to rectify either situation, so I have to send drafts to Ray at work for printing.  Makes revision very sloooow.)  And I wrote two new essays — well, recycled two old ideas into new pieces.  Those will hopefully be ready to submit soon.  Then the waiting starts.

None of this helps our immediate situation, but it felt good.  Because doing something is a whole lot more empowering than doing nothing, even if at the time it feels like you’re just spinning your wheels.

Onward, ho!

ETA:  If you know of a job for a women of my qualifications, my salary requirement is $80K, and I need to be local.  Thanks.


9 thoughts on “Working, or wheel spinning?

  1. Apparently, we are living the same life! Let’s start a club and charge people lots of money to join it! lol
    Is your husband in marketing, too?
    (It seems the only difference is that I want to return to the teaching field and am challenged in the writing department.)

  2. So what’s new? All married couples with more then1 kid are always broke. Yes its hard to make ends meet. But some how they do. The cost of living in your part of the country is high. There are jobs out there for everyone. They may not be the ones you want or are not available when you want them to be or they don’t pay all that you deserve. But they are there.

    Do what you do best, besides writing, and teach kids english who need to improve their college enterance grades
    (SAT’s). or College geeks who are failing english. Make them fit the hours you are available.

    If your really broke , work at Wal Mart 20 hours a week at night. You might take home a 125 a week.

    But when you add up all the “red ink” look to your right , your left , up and down and see the smiles on your kids faces because your “Mommy”.

    Boy are you Rich!

  3. I know your frustration. While going to business school may have been helpful for a moneymaking career you never would have touched those thousands of lives you did teaching! And think of all those little people you will reach with your stories. I know you probably wrote this to vent, to work it through in your mind, and comments from your fans are maybe not needed. If there is one thing I have learned from Blue’s Big Musical…. when something goes wrong, don’t give up, just go on! (I hope that made you laugh cause it was supposed to!!)

  4. Jen – the Hingham schools are looking for para- professionals – don’t know if that would help or be a conflict with Ray. Probably would. I’ll keep my ears open. The tutoring idea is an excellent one, though. I read something recently (wedding announcement or something?) where the husband did that very thing full time. I will also spread the word this weekend when I go to my college newspaper reunion – you never know. But you can always drop over to print or whatever if you need to. I work from home.

    • Thanks Maryellen! Probably couldn’t work in the schools just yet, since J is home 2 days and in preschool half days for the other 3. Plus, there’s that annoying 1/2 day kindergarten thing! 🙂 But I may take you up on the printing thing one of these days…

  5. Geez, I’m working on full day Kindergarten but I’m only in office 3 months plus there’s that pesky recession thingy. Oh, wait, you know that. Buy ink Friday.

    The failure.

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