The end of the crustacean era

Yesterday we said goodbye to another member of our family.  The remaining hermit crab, Lumpy, went to his (her?) final resting place under the pine tree, alongside Bumpy, who was buried earlier this year.

Poor Lumpy.  Probably died of a broken heart, living a solitary life in the tank.  No one to climb the wall with.  No one to fight with over the crab house.  

Maybe not.  We noticed him looking poorly and grew concerned.  When he stopped moving and seemed limp, we knew something was up.  But our research led us to this conclusion:  the crab was molting.  Aha!  Experts say that it’s crucial to leave a molting crab alone, so that’s what we did.  We hydrated it, changed water, kept it warm.  The process was supposed to take up to 8 weeks.

And it went on and on.  Since there was no smell, we figured it was okay.  (I mean, dead animals smell, come on.)  But 8 weeks came and went, and eventually we decided that poor Lumpy didn’t survive the change.

So yesterday we had his funeral, poor little petrified Lumpy (I mean, stiff, fragile, like an egg shell molded to a crab form.  Every molecule of water completely gone.  Just a little crumbly skeleton.  No one wanted to touch it, because when you did, a leg or claw fell off.).  We buried him shell and all.  

Mitzi wasn’t upset to say good-bye to crab number three.

Next time, she says, she wants a better pet.

8 thoughts on “The end of the crustacean era

  1. Oh sad. I had hermit crabs for a while and they were fun at first but then kind of…odd. It’s sad that they’re sold as these “easy” pets when they actually have very specific needs in terms of habitat, temperature, etc. – it doesn’t seem like their chances of surviving long are very good. But I’m sure it had a nice life with your family. 🙂

  2. I know…Mitzi wanted some after her first grade teacher got them as class pets last year. They were kind of cool to watch (ours were big) but not really a pet to play with, which is really what kids want. Ah, well. I’m hoping to get a dog one day, but not till everyone is independent in their bathroom needs!

  3. I actually witnessed Lumpy make his last movements. It was like he was moving in slow motion and then, nothing. Molting seemed to make sense, especially when a claw shell dropped off, but somehow, Lumpy was not to be.

  4. I had hermit crabs when I was little and it is very sad to see them go. But they are great first pets for children and then they can eventually move on to “better” pets.

  5. wow how sad. wait, haven’t there been 4 crabs? or were there just 4 different names? i can’t keep up! yeah, go for a real pet … horse?? 🙂 xoxo

  6. Alas poor lumpy has gone to his/her reward. Lumpy was loved by all the family and will be missed. I know he/she will be missed but that is natures way.

    I’m sorry I missed the funeral. Where can I send a donation to Lumpy’s favorite charity? I know lumpy liked “Shell we dance foundation” for shy crabs. And then there was “dollies for froggies” who lost their legs to fench chefs.

    Let us know so we can help keep Lumpy’s memory alive.


  7. poor thing! We’ve said goodbye to numerous fish. one was named alligator (or was it crocodile?). Anyway, when it died, my daughter wanted to know if we could fry it up for dinner.

    She was barely 3 at the time and OH so practical. LOL!

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