How Pillow Pets are ruining Christmas

I’ll be the first to say it — my kids are NOT perfect by any stretch (for examples, see all of my previous posts on this blog).  But they are good (for examples, see all of my previous posts on this blog).

So I shouldn’t have been surprised that when it came time to make Christmas lists, they didn’t ask for much.

  • Joanna:  cookies, milk, a Pillow Pet
  • Ellie:  a unicorn Little Pony, a Pillow Pet
  • Cooper: a skateboard, a punching bag, a Pillow Pet
  • Mitzi: skates, a lantern, a Pillow Pet

Seriously, this is all they asked for.  I should be grateful — my wallet sure is.

 Now, here’s the thing.  Pillow Pets are out of stock.  

I had no idea they were such a hot item this season.  Sure, I could pony up $200 per Pet on amazon, but frankly, if I had that kind of money I’d probably be taking my family on a vacation.  Or at the very least, not spend so much time worrying about the price of milk.

So I prod the kids a little.  “There’s no toy you want?”  “Nope.”  Mitzi and Cooper huddle to consult each other and say they both want a DS.  I get a cramp in my side from laughing so hard (no, my 7 & 6 year olds are not getting a DS.  I don’t care a whit what other parents do.  I might as well just flush a stack of twenties down the toilet).

That’s all I manage to extract from them during a 45-minute interrogation at dinner last night. Time is ticking.  What to put under the tree?  (Books will be given by grandpa, and my mom has come up with stuff on her own, plus is giving a game to all her grandkids.).  But Santa?  Grandma?  They both need ideas!

It’s good that they are not greedy — given the amount of TV they watch, you’d think they’d be inspired by all those commercials.  No, their needs are few.  Pillow Pets.

And I feel badly.  They believe in Santa.  They believe that they are good and Santa will put presents under the tree, because, well, that’s how it works.  I remind them that they are free to ask for whatever they like, but it doesn’t mean they will get it all.  They never budge. They know what they want and look at me like I’m crazy because I’m asking them so often.  

So can I go ahead and wrap up a bunch of stuff I think they’d like and leave a note?  “Ho-ho-ho!  I know all you wanted in your heart’s desire was a Pillow Pet, but I ran out, so enjoy this Barbie/light saber/Pretty Pony/stuffed animal, even though you already have a dozen of this item, which means you like it, which is why I am giving it to you!  Ho-ho-ho!”

Yeah, it’s not a big deal.  My dad will post a response (waves to dad) with very wise words about the meaning of Christmas and not being about the presents and it’s about family and love, etc., etc.  And he’ll be right.  Others might point out that I should stop whining and be happy my kids aren’t greedy.  Yup.  They’d be right too.

I still have this sense, though, that for kids Christmas is magical, when anything is possible.  And we adults nurture this belief, knowing how fleeting it really is. We decorate and sing and bake and give all because of the season meaning.  (We capitalize on it as a behavior-management aid — Santa’s watching, don’t be naughty!).  So I think we ought to hold up our end of the bargain.  I’m not for kids getting 37 presents under the tree — frankly, I’m horrified to the point of nausea to hear of parents who spend thousands of dollars each year.  Does a five year old really, really need an Xbox?  I don’t think so.

But, darn it.  I’d really like to give them all that one thing they want.  They didn’t ask for much else.  They deserve it.  

Hmmm…If only I could sew!

Uh, Mom?


14 thoughts on “How Pillow Pets are ruining Christmas

  1. How about some sock puppets? or get them a “real” pet. A nice puppy.

    I remember the same problem when the “cabbage kids” were the hot item.

    I think you got over that so have faith that Santa will bring the perfect gift for all those little ones who miss out on the pillow pets.

  2. it is like cabbage patch kids! 😦 heck get em the DS or a WI and forget about stupid pillow pets. tell them they already have a shelley pillow pet!!! i do feel your pain though. i mean when joanna just wants cookies and a pillow pet, how sweet is that? sigh, as you would say.

  3. You don’t sew at all, do you? Maybe you could make them something similar?

    Ha!!! Like any of us have time for THAT!

    Maybe they will come in at some store or other. I have no other ideas. I’m sorry!

  4. I do sew but not under that kind of pressure! and i’d need a pattern…..well, you could leave a note from santa to say that all pillow pets had been recalled because they were made with thread containing antimony (heavy metal) used in china! sorry, next time get them a grandma who has a magic wand! xo

  5. check out I got two that I wanted for $26.99 a piece! Only place I could find them without paying a bundle like you mentioned 🙂

  6. I feel your pain! My kids have done the same thing about other Christmas “requests”. They didn’t want much…just the VERY thing the stores didn’t have. *sigh* And b/c you want to bring a smile to their sweet faces, you search and search and search and…

    Yep. I understand.

    Hopefully, though, you’ll find a place that gets them in right at the last minute. HUGS!

  7. I know its a little late to be buying anything for Christmas but i purchased 2 pillow pets from snuggle zoo. If you are in the market for a pillow pet buy from this place. They are a great company you will be 100% satisfied.

  8. This is the same problem I ran into when I first found out about these. They’re really neat cool toys, but it’s really hard to find stores that can keep them in stock. Good luck.

  9. why don’t you try ebay? You could purchase one there. They have some that are called cuddlee pillow pets. May not be as great as the pillow pets, but they are just as cute.

  10. If you look at the website you can order the Pillow Pet that you want and have it delivered to your local store. They are a little under $20 each and you won’t have to pay s&h. They also have quite a few different animals. Hope this helps.

  11. Where are you located? and which pillow pet are you looking for?
    i have found them also on but alot are out of stock too
    i have found alot at Walmart in our area
    panda bear
    and a few other ones
    also at the As Seen on TV store in the local mall
    i am located around the omaha area
    my son also wanted the frog , which is out of stock, but i asked him for a couple different ones just in case
    maybe someone online could line you up with what you are looking for

  12. Thanks everyone for your great ideas! Pillow Pets are top of the list again this year, but I feel more confident that they will arrive for the big day! I appreciate your thoughts!

  13. I love Pillow Pets myself actually. And during Christmas they do run out. Here is another tip: If your kid wants a Pillow Pet, and it is months before Christmas, get the one they want before the Holiday Rush. And just keep it a surprise until Christmas Day. It really doesn’t matter when you get it, but the earlier the easier.

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