How to Cook a Seven-Minute Turkey

This year I’m making Thanksgiving dinner at home — it’ll be just me, Ray, and the kids.  I guess he was concerned that the turkey wouldn’t come out as well as Muggy’s, because Cooper came home from school with this recipe for me:


I had been a little worried, but now I’m good to go.  My favorite part is that other than turkey, the primary ingredient is butter.  That’s my boy!  I wonder what I’m supposed to do for steps 6-8?

Gobble, gobble, gobble!


4 thoughts on “How to Cook a Seven-Minute Turkey

  1. HA! That Cooper…Guess we’ll see him on the next Iron Chef!
    Step 6 – Get Everyone in the Car
    Step 7 – Drive to Muggy’s
    Step 8 – Eat!

  2. I guess Cooper was worried he would end up eating PB&J sandwichs today,

    What a great keepsake to have and hold over his head.

    6. eat apple pie
    7. eat ice cream
    8. have a nap.

    Yea Cooper!

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