Nurture your outward adult!

I’m surrounded by children around the clock.  And most of the time I am in awe of the simplicity of their needs and the depth of their innocent observations.  (The rest of the time I’m totally fed up with bickering, screeching and tantruming, but that’s another post. Maybe all the other posts here?) 

We should get in touch with our inner child, right?  Being more child-like is a popular mantra of many spiritual leaders, a concept popularized in nonfiction, and a dream held by many adults in high pressure environments.  I can dig it.  Kids are free-wheelin’, curious creatures motivated by optomism and joy.  They usually listen to their bodies for basic needs like eating and sleeping, and someone else always takes care of them. It’s pretty cool, being a kid.

But here are some reasons why it’s a good thing we all stop being children, eventually:

1.  No one in an adult workplace will streak through the room, announcing that he “needs to poop and will call you when it’s time for wiping!”

2.  Very few adults will refuse a meal because one food group is touching another on the plate.

3.  Likewise, few adults ask you to cut up their sandwiches into shapes — stars, not rectangles, please.  No crusts.

4.  For adults, chewing a piece of gum is a subconscious activity, not a real one.

5.  An adult companion is very unlikely to break a lengthy, meditative silence by announcing “I like to eat my boogers.”

6.  Fist fights do not break out between adults when one claims that the other “won’t stop singing that stupid Batman song”.

7.  An adult won’t break your new office chair by spinning in it non-stop for 4 hours.  Then throw up on your floor.

8.  Adults won’t report to you every five minutes with information about what someone else did wrong.

9.  Adults respect the closed bathroom door.

10.  Finally, most adults will not feel compelled to duck under your shirt to “check if your boobies are still there.”


10 thoughts on “Nurture your outward adult!

  1. Really, have you been around the office mates that I used to have?? I was a grown up and didn’t like it. That was the main reason I retired. I am totally into my second childhood. However, Daddy doesn’t let me out of the house too often unattended and he still holds my hand while I cross the street. We too have new office chairs, but so far neither of us has spun around long enough to break them. Stay tuned! xo

  2. i am pretty sure #2 is something i would do! and i can guarantee you that #8 goes on daily here at the ranch.

    great post… love it!!! xoxoxo

  3. i dunno…i hang around a whole lot of rock musicians…pretty sure number ten was my drummer last weekend…that’s called “romance”, dahling…

  4. Finding my inner child has been a long and sometimes painful journey.

    For too many years I was the poster boy for the button down look. Too busy with work to smell the roses, too busy to look beyond a paycheck to see what was happening all round me and to me.

    What is an inner child anyway? Is he/she that person who was left behind as we take on adult responsabilities. I don’t know yet but I will try to find out. I think it means , for me, to do what makes me happy, to not worry aboutwhat others think if I can do something perfectly , to say what I think rather then what I think others want to hear, to laugh more, to play more, to see more of the good that is all around me, to take a nap when my body tells me to , to eat when I’m hungry not a a set time, to live each day if it were my last.

    I don’t want to go back to my childhood, except to play baseball every day during summer vacation with friends who didn’t care if you had holes in your sneakers. I would like to recapture the energey, the innocents, the trusting, the loving, the devil may care attitude of my grand children.

    As far as your list goes, adults do act and do those things listed. So enjoy the moment when 1 or all of the ten things happen during your day. There are many people out there that never get the chance to have someone announce” I like to eat my Boggers”

  5. #10 made me laugh out loud!

    However, even though I don’t request that my sandwiches be in special shapes anymore (not sure the Panera team is equipped for that), I still do appreciate a good peanut-butter-on-wheat star.

  6. I would first like to say that I am happy to be able to receive the pic of my granchildren, especially the latest with mitzi on a horse. I am also delighted that I am able to share this with you. thanks to my new computer. Jennifer…I totally love the last two pic’s the family group facing the ocean and the two girls also facing the ocean…I was wondering if lucy ever saw these two?.they would be perfect for her art work. any chance of me getting the two still pictures, and the one with mitzi on a horse?

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