Poetry Wednesday, revisited

one of mine…share yours!





an ice cream cone

dripping slowly

chocolate rivulets


sticky streams

toward scabbed elbows

waiting for red tongue


the finest way

to spend a hot

july afternoon


2 thoughts on “Poetry Wednesday, revisited

  1. Is it Wednesday Again?

    Whats Life

    Life is a challenge – meet it
    Life is a gift – accept it
    Life is a sorrow – over come it
    Life is a tregedy – face it
    Life is a mystery – unfold it – unsolve it
    Life is a opportunity – take it
    Life is a promise – complete it
    Life is a struggle – fight it
    Life is a goal – achieve it
    Life is love – love it
    Life can be adventures – enjoy it
    Life is a duty – perform it
    Life is a game – out smart it
    Life is a beauty – praise it
    Life is life – live it – make of something good of it

    Live life today; this day will never come again and I may not be here tomorrow to live another day.

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