New pool and clubhouse from Mean Mommy

It was a selfish move, really.  I just didn’t want to listen to the kids complain for the rest of the summer about their not having anything but the tiny baby pool for water fun.  So I took the group to Wal-Mart, where back-to-school shopping is well underway, and summer fun is demoted to a clearance rack.  Luckily they had something called a snapit pool, or some such thing.  It was $15.  I snapped it up.

Kind of a pain to set up, with floppy plastic comprising its walls (but I guess that makes emptying it a breeze).  I hope the kids don’t destroy it in one day:


(Ellie is just showing off her front floating skills, don’t worry!)

On the inside news, the cardboard box clubhouse is surviving, despite “upgrades” by the kids this morning.  I couldn’t get too many good pictures (the room is very tiny and very dark).  But here are a couple:



You can see how I used all of my skill as a cardboard expert to curve the tunnel across the midsection.  Also, please notice the fine details in the windows and doors.  I am master of the boxcutter tool!  (I think that’s what it is called).  I may let the kids paint it on the next rainy day — if it hasn’t been destroyed by then.  

I am still a mean Mommy, though, please don’t misunderstand.  Why, just last night, I took Joanna out of the shower when she refused to exit on her own volition after 10 minutes of my cajoling, pleading, demanding and threatening.  I let her sit on the mat, wet and crying, while I cleaned Ellie.  Then I made everyone go to bed — gasp!  — at SCHOOL YEAR BEDTIME!  

The pictures above simply evidence my lapses of meanness and military-like stringency.  Seriously.

It will not happen again!  (Hold on, I think it’s time to go biking.  But after that, no more fun.)


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