Oh, those crazy kids….

So, on this gorgeous August day, bright sunshine, low humidity, the first in a very long time, what do my kids decide they want to do?  Stay INSIDE and make a castle out of packing boxes they know I’ve squirreled away in the basement.  They are determined, probably because….

on Saturday, moments before we were expecting a bunch of friends and their children to arrive for a long-overdue barbecue, someone stabbed our blow-up pool to death.  Poor thing, never saw it coming.  Investigation continues, but it’s likely to be ruled an accidental aquaticslaughter.  Evidence:  calls for help revealed suspect with hands pressed over hole, desperately trying to prevent the life-giving air from leaking.  Bandages were applied, to no avail.  Slowly the pool succumbed to its injuries, leaving countless bathing-suit clad children to clutch their towels and wail.  Fortunately, the mourners rebounded and amused themselves in the sprinkler, as well as with the hose,  sand, and a jug of bubble soap.

The suspect confessed, weeping.  A beach umbrella was the weapon.  No motive.

The pool was buried at the local transfer station in a solemn ceremony.  In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to the New Blowup Pool Scholarship Fund, which hopes to raise enough money to erect a new pool in the deceased’s memory.


4 thoughts on “Oh, those crazy kids….

  1. Alas, our brand new pool seems to be suffering from a similar fate. Not sure what happened. Was it overfilled with air? Was it a defect? But each time it’s used it needs to be blown up again and then hurry up and swim before it collapses. Luckily the hole much be small since it lasta a full day. Where’s the quality control with these things? xo

  2. Could it be that th same suspect that caused death to your pool had a hand in Muggys slow leaking pool? The pool police are on the case and Mr. Monk assures me he will find the killer. In the mean time various sealers are being applied to keep the pool alive.

    The donation is in the mail. But should it no arrive, I suggest to borrow Cooper’s “stash” and get a new one before the donations roll in.

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