Poetry Wednesday, a day late

Yeah, well, it wouldn’t be me if it were on time, right?

This is a poem by Lucille Clifton.  It’s always inspired me, especially when I feel frozen or lost in my life.  


it was a dream


in which my greater self

rose up before me

accusing me of my life

with her extra finer

whirling in a gyre of rage

at what my days had come to.


i pleaded with her, could i do,

oh what could i have done?

and she twisted her wild hair

and sparked her wild eyes

and screamed as long as

i could hear her.

This.  This.  This.

–from The Book of Light, 1993, Copper Canyon Press


One thought on “Poetry Wednesday, a day late

  1. No matter what day it may be. Your poems are thought provoking.
    Here is one I wrote for Michelle out at THE RANCH:

    AN ODE TO OLD “399”

    Old “399” was a bear
    A fuzzy, wuzzy brown bear
    He stood 6’6’’ and weighed 555
    He was no friend of mine.

    He roamed the range
    At Lost Creek Ranch
    And took delight at night
    Snacking on Chefies fare.

    I last saw him on an October day
    As I drove away on the final day
    Of my stay at
    Lost Creek Ranch.

    The winter months were cold and harsh
    I wonder if old “399” was safe from harm
    Spring has returned to Lost Creek Ranch
    And so have I

    Another season at Lost Creek Ranch
    It’s quite now, no guests to carter to
    New staff has not arrived
    But old “399” came by.

    A mighty sight to see
    An old friend to welcome me.
    A reassuring sight to see
    A reminder of continuity.

    High Watch Harry May 14, 2009

    I’ll keep trying . Your my inspiration.

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