The big questions

Since I’m unmotivated lately to do any serious work, I find myself with some free moments to ponder life’s great mysteries:

— Is there an afterlife?  If so, what’s it like?

— Are we alive with a purpose, to play a small role in a Greater Plan?

— Why do kids like to stick stuff up their noses?

If you have answers to any of these, please post.  I have more questions.  Perhaps this will be a bi-weekly feature of my blog?

Last night Ellie jammed a button up her nose.  I guess she didn’t learn the lesson of the five Cheerios last year.  Why?  Does it feel good?  Powerful? (Since she’s number three, I could get on board with this theory.)  Is she a budding scientist concerned with cause and effect?  Why a button, when so many other options — Legos, beads, coins — are accessible in our under-childproofed household?

Maybe she has some deeper knowledge of the universe — if I can stuff this into an orifice, I am alive, and therefore important, meaningful.  No one else has an opening like my nostril.

I jam, therefore, I am.

Nietzche would have been proud.


3 thoughts on “The big questions

  1. The answears to all questions are staring you in the face. You have to see them with your heart and soul ; not you mind.

    Ellie may have thought that a button would stop the dripping. Or she was hidding it from the big kids.

    I hope you have a picture of this event. If not, save the button for the future.

  2. Oh, Ellie…She is just so curious! She is brave and headstrong and wants to know everything. She obviously enjoyed the cheerios experience and was just comparing the button to that. Did she tell which one was better? xo

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