Returning to normalcy….

Joanna had her first trip to the dentist this morning.  Ellie had to go first, she said, and in the end, my baby did a great job.  She even tolerated a flouride treatment!  I guess it was because she had her sister’s good example to follow?  Here are some pics…



As you could guess from Joanna’s footwear, the skies opened this morning.  I was relieved to have something normal to do, even in the pouring rain, something that didn’t require too much of me — I didn’t have to get dressed up, I didn’t have to drive far, I didn’t have to wrangle all four kids.  The appointment was quick and painless (for all of us, I think).  We got home, I gave the girls a snack, then got on the treadmill to walk and watch “The West Wing.”   I thought about the rejection I got in yesterday’s mail, but not about death, not even when staring at the wet, windswept backyard through the window next to the treadmill.

I logged four miles today and didn’t cry once.


3 thoughts on “Returning to normalcy….

  1. she looks a bit grumpy in that first one! glad you’re getting your miles in. not me, letting the rain keep me indoors – well my rain jacket is in wyoming, is that a good excuse? hopefully tomorrow will be a drier (dryer?) days and i can get out there. xox head up young person

  2. That’s awesome, that you take a camera to your dentist appt’s. A camera is a mom’s best friend. It makes waiting more tolerable, doesn’t it? :0)

    Good for you for the treadmill miles and the non -crying! Only a mom of multiple kiddo’s could understand!

    (via the verlakay blueboards)

  3. What a cutie pie! Glad you got some treadmill time in. Watching TV is fine but letting your emotions out is even better.

    A rejection notice? What did you learn from it? Keep writing. Winners never quit.

    Love you!

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