the night before the next day….

Tonight I’m thinking not of the birthday party planned  for tomorrow for Ellie and Joanna, the balloons and cupcakes, the games and goodie bags, but of Dori and Abby.   Tonight I’m thinking of my friend who tomorrow is going to say goodbye to her baby, that brown-eyed, yellow-furred pile of love.  Tonight I’m sorry I couldn’t go hang out and give-and-get kisses from my almost-favorite pet (I have to give top ranks to my childhood dog BJ).   Tonight I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to say goodbye.

Tomorrow is the last day.  What’s goes through the mind as one witnesses the end?

I don’t know.  I hope to never find out.

Tonight I’m thinking of my friend Dori.  Tomorrow is the day that after begins for her, and for those who love her, who want to help her into after, into next.

I hope tomorrow I know better what to do for my friend.  Tonight, I say, here are these arms, these ears, this heart.  Tomorrow I can say the same.

Tomorrow is the last day.  The first day.  The day that marks the shift from then to now, from used to be to can only be.

A party, tomorrow?


One thought on “the night before the next day….

  1. Death is part of the cycle of life. It is very hard to accept when death happens naturally. But when a person has to make the decision to end a life it’s all about Love and Courage.

    Being there for your friends or family with open arms and a loving heart is all one can hope to do in these circumstances.

    Tomorrow the sun will rise and new doors will open. We just have to be willing to walk through that door to begin a new life.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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