And now, a break for some irony….

This is my favorite news story of the day, only because of its irony.  Just goes to show you that you can’t trust anyone with your kids….

Mass. driving teacher convicted of OUI

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. — A driving instructor from Salem has been convicted of operating under the influence while giving a lesson from the passenger seat of a car.

A jury deliberated for about one hour before convicting 53-year-old Daniel Winsky on Thursday. He was sentenced to 18 months probation and will lose his license for a year.

Winsky was not behind the wheel during the December 2007 incident in Ipswich, but prosecutors said he was in control of the passenger side brakes in the specially-fitted car and also moved the wheel during the lesson.

Police pulled Winsky over shortly after a convenience store clerk smelled alcohol on his breath, then saw him enter the auto school’s car.

Winsky, who was cited two months later, claimed he was not drunk during the lesson.

Woo-hoo!  Sign me up!


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