Just keep swimming….

Mondays are hard on everyone, I think.  Even people who don’t have the traditional weekend seem to be slightly traumatized by manic Mondays (is it navigating around the grumpy commuters vying for the next large coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts?).

Today was one of those.  A little late to rise, a little grumpy in the gills after a long Sunday of birthday and Easter celebrations.  A rush to attend a forgotten school performance (bad Mommy!), the race to pick up Munchkins for birthday party at school (bad Mommy!), a speed home to address the many chores left undone in aforementioned chaos (bad Mommy!)

To top it off, no one has responded to my latest story posted on my discussion board.

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

No replies via email or snail mail for latest round of submissions.

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

Windswept Mondays make it hard to find motivation.

Once again, would you rather be a bad writer or a boring writer?

I keep writing, pushing myself, moving my pen, as Natalie Goldberg said, across paper, no matter what.  Even if it’s only writing “I’m so uninspired” over and over again for 20 minutes, an hour or an afternoon.  Just keep writing.

It’s funny.  Half of my problem comes because I know I’m a good writer.  The question is — one that’s yet to be answered — am I a great writer?  A writer who is unique among her equally good peers?  What sets me apart?  What will help me rise above the slush?

I keep writing, and I know that I’ll find the answers tomorrow.  After all, it’s Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Just keep swimming….

  1. just keep swimming, just keep swimming, la la la la la! that dori is one smaht fish.

    mondays are mondays for everyone! even a layabout like me!

    i know how it feels to not get responses. i am not trying to get anything published but i do feel that my emails and blog are my writing outlet these days and when those get ignored i feel badly. luckily mom and dad always read everything! ha ha ha!

    just keep swimming 🙂

  2. Monday, Monday, How I hate that day!

    First, let me say that youare not “a bad Mom”, your just your every day over scheduled, overworked Mom who has more things to do then any husband. So pat yourself on the back and stop beating yourself up.

    I remember asking F. Scott F. what it took to be a “great” writer. He told me it was perserverance and not accepting the ordinary as good enough. The difference from being “great” and “ordinary” is that little extra push, to dream the impossible dream, to look beyond this limited demention we live in and write from the soul.

    Always be willing to listen to others and take what you need. But don’t follow the “herd” and write for the masses like your aunt ” Mary Higgens Clark”. Blah!

    You can write better then that!

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