A Very Good Day….

April 12 is a very good day….

Today, my Eloise is 4 years old.  My Joanna is 3 years old.  So far they don’t hate me for the fact they share a birthday.

Today is Easter Sunday, a day that is all about new hope, new beginnings, new faith in a new future.

Today is the wedding anniversary of my cousin Sue and her husband Jay.  What a great day to celebrate love!

Today we’re going to Aunt Bernice’s and Uncle Frank’s house.  The grownups will watch the kids hunt for eggs and eat way too much candy and make up games and fight over toys.  We will wear our most forgiving clothes so that we can overindulge in AB’s amazing cooking and the overabundance of baked goods sure to cover every available surface.  We will talk the stuff of grownup thoughts and admire our children and bask in our family.

The sun is bright though the air is cool and windy.  The girls are wearing heavy leggings instead of fancy white stockings under their Easter dresses.  No hats — I’d like to say it’s because of the wind, but I just didn’t get any this year.  As far as I know, there’s no parade.

So much to be grateful for on this day, a day when your heart swells so much with love and bliss that it is likely to explode and you have to also be a little grateful that it’s a day that comes once a year, because any more than that would be an unbearable joy.

Today is the day that you wish for whenever you’re not having that kind of day.

A very, very good day.


One thought on “A Very Good Day….

  1. Very well said. We are truely blessed and have some much to be grateful for.

    Today marks a rebirth and a chance to start anew. Look around at nature and see all God’s gifts comeing to life.

    Feel the sun on your face and hear the songs of the birds.

    A day of celebrating life and remembering those that have pased out of our lives but who are not forgotten.

    Thanks Jen for your thoughtful message today.

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