Homework Blues

It’s almost time for my homework.  The usual — math, spelling, handwriting, and reading.

Oh, it’s not mine.  It’s the kids’ work, primarily Mitzi.

It’s funny how I did my best to zip through (or avoid altogether) my own homework during the school years.  Despite my slackishness, I managed to graduate with a pretty great GPA.  As a teacher, I assigned homework fairly, but with enough challenge.  Homework was the necessary evil of a proper education.

I was happy to give it up, to tell you the truth.

I didn’t realize how much I’d have to do when my own kids got to school.  Mitzi and I sit together for at least a half an hour each day to complete her work.  She procrastinates, I cajole.  I correct and she redoes.  She gets irritated and I get high blood pressure.  And she’s only seven!  I shudder to think what rest of elementary school will demand of me.  Later in the evening there’s the reading we do and the log we must use to chart our work.

Most of the work requires my help, at least, if not doing it all myself.  It’s pretty exhausting being in first grade.

I feel pretty good about our progress.  We got a very good report card last term.  We are learning lots (geometrical shapes, how to spell “inauguration”, writing poetry).

But geez, I can’t wait for Fridays.  No homework!


2 thoughts on “Homework Blues

  1. ugh another reason to avoid the kid thing!! ;0 yeah i dislike homework myself. the best part about school (aside from seeing your friends) is school supplies! if only i knew about STAPLES when i was a wee one. just think soon you’ll have four times the amount of homework to do – calgon take me away!

  2. As a student I was a zero. My parents never helped me with my homework. I was told I should learn a trade and forget College. But I didn’t. I had the ” I’ll show you” attitude and made it through college and became a CPA. So much for high school councelors.

    As a father I didn’t help with the homework either. It was all Mom’s doing. And she did a great job.

    Now you are doing not sitting on the side lines hoping your kids will learn by themselves.I’m sure you would rather be writing or playing the panio but your giving your kids a great gift. One that will carry them a long way on their life’s journey.

    Some day they will be saying the same thing about helping their kids and they will remember how you helped them.

    What better way to spend time with your kids. The gift of teaching should be given way all the time.

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