Geez, has it been six weeks since I posted anything on this blog?  Yikes.  What happened?


School vacation.  Sickness.  Writing, writing, writing, and editing the children’s books I am trying to create.  Submitting when I can.  More family stuff.

Oh, also, eeking out 2 hours a day to train for the Avon Walk.  Sounds funny, but trying to fit in a daily 5+ mile walk into a day that involves four small kids is not easy.  Fundraising for the event is time-consuming, much more so than I thought.

This Mom’s World is controlled chaos right now.  Maybe it will always be.

On the weekends I have been sleeping late.  Too late, probably.  I let Ray get up and deal with diapers and milk and everything else.  I doze and listen to the chaos around me.  Kids come and cuddle with me, as if they were on some predetermined snuggle rotation.  I don’t mind.  I rise to find the morning half-gone, the coffee cool, and am not entirely sorry.

I hope with this post to remember why I do what I do, why I am crazy with love and confusion and desperation and joy.  Every minute of the day.

My crocuses have bloomed.  Purple, orange, yellow, white.   I still predict that one more snowstorm looms in our New England skyline before spring truly arrives, but even if it does, those flowers will thrive.  It’s what they do.

It’s what we all do.


One thought on “HOLY GUACAMOLE!

  1. I was wondering what you were up to. I miss your posts!

    You are right where you should be. Living life on Life’s terms.

    Cuddle time is the best of times. It ends too soon. Yet Spring is here again. New life is bursting all around us.

    Sleeping late one day a week is your pay for all you do.You deserve it.

    Enjoy the day its new and will never come again.

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