Child Safety Gone Too Far?

No one wants to endanger a child.   Parents, teachers, child care providers and more were happy to get rid of toys from China that were full of lead (remember the many recalls of 2007).   The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was passed in August of ’07, aimed at all products for use by children under 12.

This includes books.

Publishers would need to spend up to $1500 per title to be in compliance with the Act, which will go into effect on February 10.

Now, I’ll say it again.  No one want to put a child in danger.   And no one thinks books will hurt children.  Except that if something doesn’t change all books will have to be taken away from  the under-12 population.

Think about it.  Schools, libraries, book stores, waiting rooms.  No more books for preteens.  At least until each has been tested for lead.  And who will pony up the money for that?  Nope, until new “safe” titles can be purchased, it’s either get rid of the books or ban kids.

Publishers, bookstores and the like will go out of business. told vendors in January that unless the products can be certified as safe, Amazon would return them to the sellers, at the seller’s expense.   I can’t even imagine how schools will manage compliance.

It’s almost too ridiculous to believe.  Ban books from school?  Ban kids from libraries?  Burn all the “unsafe” books in our country?

Parents, librarians, everyone who cares about literacy and access for kids, need to lobby Congress to save books.

For updated info on this subject, Publishers Weekly is current:

Or visit the CPSIA site:

Or the American Library Association:

Contact your local representatives!


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