Dad is responsible, whatever the law says

Another WTF news story:

The Connecticut dad (an emergency room room physician who ought to know better), was not charged in the death of his son.  The 8-year-old boy killed himself in October with a 9-mm Micro Uzi (designed by the Israeli army to fire at an incredible rate of 1,700 rounds per minute) that his dad let him try out during an event at the Westfield Sports Club.

The dad, responsible for his son’s well-being, his life, let his 3rd grader fire a weapon designed to kill the enemy as fast as possible. Responsible for his life, not his death?


It’s illegal to give anyone under 18 a weapon.  Period.  Parent or not.  Others are being held responsible — the gun club and a police chief.  But not the one person whose main job it was to protect his child.

My husband the lawyer says it’s not surprising, from a legal standpoint, that the dad is not charged.  Maybe the law is wrong, whatever the law is that could protect a father in this situation.  It wouldn’t be the first time a law was wrong.

What’s the message to other parents?  Sure, let your kids try out dangerous made-for-adult weapons or games or vehicles.  No worries if something happens.  Rock on.

I’m pretty sure that’s not what we’re going for in this country.  Is it?


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