Music Wars

As hard as it is to believe, one day my kids will no longer think I am cool.

I know.  Can’t imagine it.  Me, not cool?  How could that ever be?

But it’ll come.  I have three daughters, after all.  There is bound to be a lot of eye rolling and head shaking in the future.

It happens to even the hippest mom when her children reach adolescence.  Our clothes are all wrong — too dorky or too embarrassing (in our attempts to be trendy).  Too much makeup, not enough.  Too ignorant of technology (how the heck does texting work?), too friendly with the computer (honey, be my Facebook friend!).

Okay, to be honest, I’m not remotely cool.   When I shop for clothes I have to rely on pre-selected outfits modeled by manikins to know what goes together.  My little sister keeps me current on trends and pop culture, shaming me gently (and not so gently) into staying informed.  Do it for the kids, she says.

But music?  Okay, I’m no fan of a lot of new artists, mostly because, though it’s hard to admit it — it sounds so Mom, after all — so much of it all sounds the same to me.  And for the last seven years I’ve been wrapped in my cocoon of four pregnancies, babies, and preschoolers.  Most of that time was spent listening to the Wiggles, Laurie Berkner, Dane Zane, and Ralph Covert, among others.  Who had time for Billboard?

But I like what I like, and what I like I think is pretty cool.  Dave Matthews Band, Matchbox Twenty, John Meyer…okay, so I’m a little stuck in the 90s in a lot of ways.  Still, I can’t picture my kids begging me to turn off my oldies so they can listen to Miley Cyrus.

Growing up, my parents listened to a wide range of music from my grandpa’s guitar genius, to 50s rock and roll, to 70s singer/songwriters.  I don’t remember (they may disagree) disliking any of it.  To this day, I sing the Everly Brothers’ “Dream” to my kids at bedtime.  Though my local station is no CBS-FM out of New York, it’s not bad.  My iPod has Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor and Elvis alongside Dido and Christina Aguilera.  I’m pretty open in deciding what’s cool.

My parents were the ones who probably begged us to change the radio station when 1980 rolled around.  They shook their heads when MTV premiered.  They indulged our peculiar obsession with Duran Duran, Madonna, Rick Springfield, without ever joining in.  Perhaps it is we who embarrassed them.   In fact, I’m sure we did.  At the very least they rolled their eyes at what they considered our poor taste.

Every generation has its music wars with the generation who came before.   To the newest fans, perhaps Bob Marley and Neil Young and Aerosmith are all oldies.  But not cool?  Who could ever say that?

I hope that as my kids are exposed to lots of different artists and styles they remain as open to new sounds as they are right now.  Last month I made a mix CD for Mitzi’s first grade dance party.  I included kid favorites from Noggin’s Jack’s Big Music Show, a few from High School Musical, but also snuck in Dee-Lite and Madonna.

The kids don’t yet know that those are the oldies but goodies.  They just like to dance.  Rock on.


2 thoughts on “Music Wars

  1. Hey man, you have an iPod! How much hipper can you get? Although, your iPod probably looks like mine – all old stuff on new technology! Don’t get no better than that! 🙂

  2. What is cool?

    Cool is watching your kids learn to walk and talk.
    Cool is watching them play in the sand while the waves lick their feet.
    Cool is tucking them in and they ask you for a kiss.
    Cool is when they climb on your lap and ask to hear a story.
    Cool is watching climb on the school bus for the first time and pretend your not crying.
    Cool is being there for them even when your sick, scared, lonely, and are wondering when is it my turn.
    Cool is teaching them to be tolorant of other peoples ideas of music, art, politics, religion, race and sex.

    YOU ARE COOL. You may not always dress ‘cool” but you always look good.

    Your taste in music is not the same as mine but I do listen to JT, S&G, Dixie Cheicks, Eagles, Rod S, Yes I’m dated and stuck in the past but I don’t care.




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