From Rain to Shine

Day one of our two week Cape Cod vacation was anything but boring.  Okay, it was a little boring, but in that great I’m-on-vacation way.  Ray had to go grocery shopping since we had only a couple of bagels and a variety of spices and condiments in the house.  I convinced him that taking the three girls would be fun, while Cooper, still nursing a fever, could stay home with me.  Great idea!  They left, I showered, we watched Shrek,  I caught up on some reading, and the skies opened.  A beach day didn’t seem to be in the near future.

The hours tick by — one, two, three.  Four?  Cooper practiced reading aloud and I practiced not worrying.  Naturally, the rest of my little family came home just over the four hour mark, setting a record in our house (interestingly, the grocery bill was also a record-setter).  A late lunch was punctuated by Ellie’s nonstop query:  “When are we going to the beach?  Are we going to the beach soon?  When are we going to the beach?”

Here’s why it took Ray so long:  a long list, sure, but Joanna’s vomiting episode mid-shop put them back a bit.  True parents of four kids, we both agreed that after a full clean up and clothing change, finishing the task instead of abandoning it was more prudent.   Joanna, number four, was a trouper.  Parents of one child are probably horrified.   I don’t blame them.  I’m sure all the books and magazines would admonish the dad to leave the full cart behind and head home to tend to sick toddler.   They’re probably right, but we had no food and no one had eaten since that morning.  Hunger prevailed.  Also a factor slowing them down was the traffic both in the store and out of the store was horrible, likely due to the poor weather.  Tourist from Pennsylvania: “Honey, it’s raining!  Let’s go shopping!”  His wife:  “Oh Ed, what a marvelous idea!  First let’s go to the grocery store!’

After a quick nap for Jojo, Ray and I caved to the incessant pleading.  The sun came out — so what if it was five o’clock?  We’re on vacation!  Off we went for an hour, Joanna still feverish and upset, but about as game as one could be in her position.  Cooper had done a turnaround, healthwise, and was angry he wasn’t allowed in the water.  We filled our time with sand castles, Frisbee, hermit crab gathering, and rock jetty exploration. A great way to end our first vacation day.


2 thoughts on “From Rain to Shine

  1. Sounds like a great start to a fun vacation.You and Ray are true Troopers. A little vomiting and fevers are normal for little kids and you guys handled it well.

    Each day is a new beginning. A new adventure. It may be sunny or rainy but it doesn’t matter, your together on vacation. Do things that you wouldn’t or couldn’t if you were home.

    Do you remember the movie ” Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation”, it all worked out in the end and veryone had a fabulous time.

  2. Well, I can’t comment on the vomiting. After all I am the parent that said “If it still hurts by Thursday, we’ll go to the Cottage Hospital and get it looked at!”. I guess we know where you two got your parenting skills from. We are totally looking forward to visiting and hope the ickies are over by then! xo

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