We’re finally here.  We didn’t leave home until mid-afternoon, about 5 hours after we’d hoped to get on the road, and didn’t arrive to our destination on Cape Cod until almost 4:30.  But we’re here!

Cooper and Ellie are both still feverish and cranky, with little energy or appetites.  Mitzi and Joanna are so full of excitement and energy they can’t stay still.  Makes for an interesting settling in time.  But we’re here!

At nine-thirty all four are still awake, restless in their still-unfamiliar surroundings.  It takes a few days to get used to being in a new place.  Until then, late bedtimes are the norm.  But we are here.

I am using a laptop and wireless internet connection, both sketchy, unreliable, slow.  But at least I can stay in touch while we’re on vacation.  God forbid I couldn’t chat with my sister each night.

Tomorrow we have grocery shopping on our to-do list, but we plan to hit the beach as early as possible.  Even in her feverish state, it was Ellie’s constant question since about 10a.m.  “When are we going to the beach,  Mommy?”

Every day, Ellie Belly.  We are here; we are on vacation.


One thought on “Vacation!

  1. Vacation Time. A time to relax and energize your body and soul.

    Vacation Time is a time to be a little less strick with bed times and the like.

    Vacation Time is for exploring and seeing new things, doing new things, making new friends.

    Vacation Time is for after dinner walks on the beach and ice cream cones.

    Vacation Time is a time to kick back and relax. A time that most of us get only once a year and for a short period of time.

    Vacation Time is living in the 4th deminsion.

    Vacation time is for The Family to get together every day and have fun together.

    Vacation Time is Your Time Mom. Enjoy it.

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