Characters, indeed

The big kids get to go to camp once a week for the whole summer this year. It gets them out of the house with their peers, away from the (dare I say) boredom of summertime with Mom and the little girls.  At camp they get a swimming lesson and usually a field trip somewhere they’d normally not get to go.  I purposefully chose the days to send them based on the field trips offered (the aquarium instead of a local farm, for instance).  Today’s activity, however, was held on site.  A caricature artist came to camp and drew pictures of the kids.  I thought this would be fun for them as well as for Ray and I — what great keepsakes for all of us!

These are the masterpieces.   Interestingly, though not surprisingly, Mitzi, our budding artist, came home and starting drawing caricatures in her journal, big-headed people doing different things, like riding horses or playing soccer or just looking fancy.   If you’d like one of yourself, just let us know.   Her fees are reasonable!


2 thoughts on “Characters, indeed

  1. WOW! She caught them at their best. I hope you get them framed and hung on your wall. They’re GREAT.

    You should get 1 done. I loved to see her interpertation of you and your life. Mother, Bus Driver, Cook, Author, Teacher, Wife, Best Friend, too many to add. Perhaps a collage of the above would be the perfect [icture.

    When does MOM get to go to Camp?

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