A Good Dad

I know that Father’s Day was a couple of weeks ago, and I know that he’s not my father, but have I told you yet how great my husband is?

Okay, he’s got a few flaws, but he’s not only a great husband, he’s a great Dad. Here’s some stuff he does to make my life easier..

  • gets up to attend to any needy child in the overnight hours
  • ever since I quit smoking, he gets up with the first child to wake, makes morning milk cups, changes diapers and/or pull-ups, if necessary, letting me sleep in (for the first time since Mitzi was born)
  • does the heavy-lifting weekend chores, like lawn mowing and dump-runs, bringing along assorted children on errands to lighten my Mom load at home
  • coaches kids’ sports on both Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes during the same season
  • tag-teams bath time with me on the weekends
  • tag-teams the weekend cooking and cleanup
  • is willing to drive a red minivan instead of a more manly Dad vehicle, like a Tahoe or Suburban
  • makes a concerted effort to be home to kiss the kids goodnight

There is so much more I could mention — he washes his own work shirts, for instance — but it’s time for dinner.  Ray’s grilled up some burgers and hot dogs while I had some alone time just now.

Very nice.


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