Scent of A Child, Part 2

Yesterday I said my kids stunk. And they did, yesterday.

Today they are fantastic.

Big surprise. Isn’t that how parenting, families, go?

Here’s what happened. After a day filled with the usual ups (Ellie swam solo during her Parent and Tot class) and downs (Ellie redesigned a new slipcover with her safety scissors), it was outdoor cleanup time. While returning some child-sized rakes to the basement storage, I twisted my ankle. Badly. Visions of 911-badly.

It was so bad I was nauseated. I saw stars. I cried. No none was near me. Then Ellie, already grounded to the house for aforementioned scissors incident, snuck outside and found me helpless, writhing in the grass on the side of the house. She fetched Mitzi and Cooper with my dynamic duo, and I hobbled inside where our evening followed. Even Joanna came quietly.

Here’s where my kids are fantastic. Like all good people, they stepped up. Mitzi helped with dinner, Cooper with cleanup, and they all helped at bathtime. They fetched frozen corn to soothe my ankle and the phone so I could check in with Ray about my injury. There was help finding Joanna’s lost Baby (without which no sleep would come) and support when I attempted a shower. Ellie brushed her teeth without a fuss, Joanna kissed my knee to help the boo boo.

These are good kids. I know they are. Not only because they DID help me, but because the did stuff without my asking. So remind me of this, tomorrow, when the stink lines hover once more over someone’s tantrum or sibling argument. When the chips are down, my little ones are there for family.

Not too shabby.


One thought on “Scent of A Child, Part 2

  1. When the chips are down, family steps up to the plate all the time.Age doesn’t matter. That’s what they learn from great parents like you and Ray.

    Hooray for Ellie and the rest of the Bad News Bears.

    Walk softly but use a cane.

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