The Scent of a Child

Forgive me for repeating myself. My kids stink.

Not literally, of course. At least I don’t think so. I was so irritated with them I put them all to bed without bathing. Their stinkiness today is more of the Pig Pen type, with cartoon lines wavering in the air above their bodies, while below these currents their mouths spew attitude, negativity, and general poo-poo-ness.

Okay, the kids are true blessings, and I am grateful for each one of my babies. But today is one of those days I’d be more grateful if I had a nanny, a full-time job, a mom who lived within 20 miles. Someone with whom I could share all of my blessings!

Asleep, they are as all children are. Unmarred, flawless, perfect. Angelic, one might say. Awake, well, it’s like the old joke about incontinence. It Depends.

So, here I am, blog in one hand, oatmeal/raisin/cranberry bar in the other (made in a tantrum I had after dinner when I sent them all upstairs to “clean”, while I stewed over my KitchenAid mixer). Tasty, needs a little something more. Chocolate? No, it’s sweet enough. Nuts?

We have plenty of those in our house. Some more pungent than others.

Today my beautiful wonderful kids stink. Tomorrow, who knows?


One thought on “The Scent of a Child

  1. Angels with dirty faces. That’s what they are. Think of them as your students not your kids. teach them, mold them, turn negativity into positveness, bad attitude into good attitude.

    Remember that kids pick up feeling from those around them. Sounds like your in need of a “Shelly” fix.So have another oatmeal/raisin/cranberry bar and be grateful for the things you have . Stinkey kids grow like weeds and will too soon be like their Mom–A Sunflower–making us all happy and thankful for her being in our lives.

    Remember the times in “Joanne’s Nut House”? Pretty good!

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