Memorial Day

What a long weekend it was! A birthday party for the cousins up north joyfully claimed our whole Saturday. I was in bed all day Sunday, nursing an icky cold. Today we played outside all day while Ray finished some yard work. Then we enjoyed a cookout with neighbors way past all the kids’ bedtime.

The weather was beautiful, food was delicious, friends and family were filled with love and laughter (a few tantrums notwithstanding). A near-perfect holiday weekend.

I hope that we all took a few minutes to remember the reason for this day off of work. I am not a vocal patriot, but I love my country. While I disagree with some of the decision makers, and the battles we wage in this world, I am in constant awe of those who choose to make a career out of defending what we have here.

So, thanks to you all. Because of you, we all sleep better each night, whether we know it or not, whether we say it or not. You deserve more than one day a year of national gratitude and recognition. Thank you.


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