These Are the Days

I wish I had something new to add these days. We are happy spring his here. We are happy to spend 7 hours a day outside rather than inside, sniping at one another. Tee ball and soccer seasons have begun. Gardens are planted, tilled, contemplated. Seven weeks remain until summer vacation.

Many thoughts swirl in my mind these days. I hope to put pen to paper, so to speak, someday soon, to work out some sticky thoughts. My version of a Pensieve, I suppose. Where I put the thoughts that clog my brain, where to examine them for patterns, insight. Until then, I look around me in surprise, wonder.

It’s all good.


2 thoughts on “These Are the Days

  1. I know what you mean. I had good intentions of journal writing but so far have only written once. It’s too much with the blog to maintain and stay on top of emails and facebook! I could use a pensieve though 🙂

  2. All that is wonderful! What else could be more fun then to be outside with your kids doing all those activities you mentioned.

    Instead of writing every day ; have you though of recording your thoughts on a tape recorder and writing them later when you get time? I may still have 1; I’ll check.

    Enjoy each day and be grateful for the things you have .

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