Tips from Parenting Magazine

In their April issue, Parenting magazine offered these bits of information about kids’ health. I found each one so interesting, I had to post them:

Honey may reduce your child’s nighttime cough. Good news, since, alas, no meds are recommended for the under six age group. Give 1/2 tsp. for kids 1 to 5; for those 6 and up, 1 tsp. Don’t put in tea as this could dilute its effect.

Achoo Syndrome affects about 10 to 25 percent of the population. That’s when bright light causes a person to sneeze. Experts have no explanation. Funny, I thought it was just me!

Shopping carts are germier than public toilets. I will no longer silently mock those smart moms who have those soft inserts to put over the basket where baby sits. You ARE better than I.

You can use breast milk on a minor cut, since milk has natural antibiotics that fight infection. Dab some on, air dry the cut, bandage it up. Apparantly the stuff is also good for baby acne, diaper rash, cradle cap and mild eczema. Who knew.

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