Let me take a moment to brag about my oldest’s latest accomplishment! Mitzi and Cooper have both been participating in the elementary school’s “1000 Book Club” program. It challenges preschoolers and kindergarteners to read — or listen to — one thousand books before first grade, the number of books one must hear in order to read independently. The program lets the kids borrow bags with 10 books in each, one bag at a time, until they finish the program. The kids are awarded prizes along the way for 25, 50, 75 and 100 bags.

Today, Mitzi officially finished, and received the final prize, this wonderful trophy. One thousand books. In just over one year. And she is just six years old. I’m very swollen with pride!


One thought on “Hooray!!

  1. What a great accomlishment! Mitzi deserves a Golden Crown to wear on her head for as long as she wants. She is an inspiration to kids evrywhere. And she is looking beautiful in her dress with that big smile.

    Good work Mom.

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