When life gets twisty…

I am almost failing my post-a-day goal! But today was a crazy one. It went something like this:

Child mentions physical concern.sick kid

Parent schedules doctor’s appointment for later in the day.

Doctor confirms concern, sends parent and child to hospital for further testing.

Parent and child go to hospital and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And get awaited-for test.

Results are positive, less extreme than feared. Medicine and follow-ups prescribed.

Parent and child return home after six hours at various medical facilities, for a quick dinner, hefty doses of intense medicine, and bed.

Waiting parent consumes wine and gives thanks for positive diagnosis, which didn’t included the very much feared surgery, or worse, the unspoken but consuming fear of a suspicion of malignancy.

Child is sleeping. Parents are fed and relaxing. Thanks are being raised for this moment, when all is well and the future is hopeful.

And an extra prayer is being sent that the doctors are right.



Please, that they got it right this time.


New look

Yes, faithful readers, I’m trying on a new look.  It’s spring, after all.  I can use a fresh start.

I am about to go into overload if the weather doesn’t shift soon.  I love New England — part of the lure for me is its bipolar weather personality.  Sure, the old joke goes, if you don’t like the weather now, wait 15 minutes.  It’ll change.

I love that my crocuses have bloomed amid lingering snow drifts.  I love that it’s 50 degrees out and despite the chilly sea breeze my  kids race around in short sleeves, because “it’s soooooooo hot!”

I’m ready for the real change.  I’m ready to stop putting on on the late afternoon hoodie to fend off a four o’clock chill.  I’m ready to greet the day at 6:30 a.m. with a quick outside sun salutation instead of a swift donning of my terry robe.

Of course, by July I’ll be complaining of the humidity.

We all need to move on, to grow, to change.  The kids are restless and whenever I can I let them loose outside.  I also let them be, without too much direction, as we were as children.  I monitor the busy road we live on and make sure no one nears it, but when it comes to climbing trees or swinging, I close my eyes and breathe.

Trust.  Growth.  A tree can be climbed.  Kids can invent and discover and argue and fight and mend, all with little or no grownup intervention.

The world is different, yes.  But I don’t think my micromanaging the kids helps any of us.  I’ve been demoted.  Just a little.  It’s hard and freeing all at once.

Spring is all about renewal, rebirth, change.

Here in A Mom’s World, we relish it.  Join us.  Celebrate.  Cheer!  Go outside now and be silly.  Laugh from your belly. (You all have that friend with the greatest laugh in the whole world.  Copy her, right now!)

Ouch.  Change hurts.  But stretch, bend.  Breathe.  Enjoy the ride.

And whatever else you do, laugh out loud.